Acura Announces Pricing for the All-New 2009 TL

Monday, September 15. 2008
Acura Announces Pricing for the All-New 2009 TL
TORRANCE, Calif. - 09/15/2008
Acura today announced pricing for the all-new 2009 TL performance luxury sedan that will go  on sale at Acura dealerships nationwide on September 24th, with all-wheel-drive models  planned for sale in November.

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2009 Acura TL Set For a Fall Debut

TORRANCE, Calif. - 07/10/2008
The all-new, completely redesigned 2009 Acura TL employs dramatic new styling along with a luxurious interior that includes more driver relevant technology than ever. Featuring the most powerful Acura engine ever, the 2009 TL will be available in two distinctive versions including the first ever application of Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) on TL. Available in the fall of 2008, the new TL will deliver a driving experience that achieves new highs within the performance luxury sedan category.

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FCX Clarity: Honda's Vision of a Hydrogen Future

Honda invests more money in Research and Development than any other car maker. The benefits of this are best demonstrated by the innovations they've brought to market over the last 50 years.

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2009 Acura TSX Video Brochure

After a month of hard work, I've finally completed the video introduction for the 2009 Acura TSX. This video serves as both an introduction to our Acura TSX and an introduction to me. The nature of my work (Internet Sales) means that this video might be my first contact with a new client and I want to "put a face" on my e-mail.

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2009 Acura TSX - "Drive"

This weekend we shot a lot of video for an upcoming video brochure for the 2009 Acura TSX. The brochure video will take a while to assemble, but I thought I throw together a few clips just for the fun of it. Most of these will probably find their way into the finished video, but enjoy this preview for now and check back for the full brochure video around the end of May.

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2009 Acura TSX - First Drive Impressions

It’s been 5 years since the original TSX debuted in early 2003. That car went on to score three consecutive Car and Driver “10 Best” Awards and numerous comparison test victories. In the last few years, this segment has received a number of strong new players, including the IS250, BMW 3 series, and a new Audi A4 is on the horizon. Does the new TSX still have what it takes? Read on!

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2009 Acura TSX Body Kit and Accessories

I've added a few pics today of the 2009 TSX wearing a full body kit, spoiler and 18" wheels. There are also all the various exterior and interior accessories available. The images themselves are the links to the full sized version so click on them for greater detail.


Let's Geek Out with the 2009 TSX

This is for the geeks of the world. We're going to take a closer look at the changes under the sheetmetal for the new TSX. For those more interested in the sheetmetal itself, the accompanying photos provide our first good look at the all new 2009 TSX.

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The 2009 TSX will be at the New York Auto Show

TORRANCE, Calif., U.S.A., February 11, 2008- Designed and engineered to reaffirm its place as a desirable and affordable entry point for entry-premium buyers, the all-new second-generation 2009 TSX is larger, more agile, more performance minded and even "more Acura" than ever before. Carefully crafted to honor the original TSX's vision as a world-class sports sedan, the new TSX has significantly evolved to offer more comfort, convenience, driving performance and safety. It does so with expanded luxury and electronic features, a wider stance for more agile performance, and advanced safety systems.

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New styling and Improved Features for the 2009 RL

In about a few months, we will receive the first of the re-engineered and restyled 2009 Acura RLs. Acura went over the car with a critical eye and refined just about every aspect of the car to enhance the performance and luxury.

In a rare move for a mid-model refresh, Acura changed just about every exterior body panel to accomplish their goal of creating a bold new direction for the RL The hood, front fenders and trunk lid continue to be made of aluminum alloy for reduced weight and corrosion resistance. The new bodies are more aerodynamic and more resistant to lift at higher speeds. There are five new exterior colors and a new pearl paint process that improves the luster and shine.

The new gauges have a brushed aluminum accents to compliment the other metal-look trimming in the cockpit. The air conditioning controls have new, easier to read faces, and the actuation has been simplified to enhance ease of use. Redesigned low-noise a/c vents, more insulation, better acoustic isolation in the windshield and new Active Sound Control all make the car quieter and more comfortable.

The perforated leather for the front seats now offers 6 levels of heating/cooling. Here in Hawaii, very few of my customers use the heating feature, but I know everyone will make use of the new fan cooled, ventilated seats. The passenger seat now matches the drivers seat's 10-way adjustability. Both front seats now have the same Active Head Restraints that made their debut last year on the RDX and MDX. These important safety features significantly reduce the chance of injury in rear impact collisions.

The audio system now has both a USB port and a mini-phono jack for more options for connecting a portable music player. It is not clear at this time if the USB port will allow for control of the iPod, but we can hope!

Under the hood there are a number of improvements. For 2009, the RL gets a larger engine, going from 3.5 liters to 3.7 liters and gaining horsepower and torque in the process. We now have an even 300 hp and 271 lb.ft. of torque.

The RL introduced Super Handling All-Wheel Drive in 2005 and for 2009 the system has been re-calibrated for faster response time. SH-AWD enhances overall traction in all weather conditions but the system really shines in dry weather handling tests because it sends additional power to the outside rear wheel when accelerating out of a corner.

Geek Alert! It gets technical below
The details of how the new engine makes this power is quite interesting for a gearhead like myself. The new engine is 17 lbs. lighter than the older engine, mostly due to a new magnesium intake manifold and hollow camshafts. Also contributing to the lower weight, are the new silicone-aluminum cylinder liners that replace the older cast iron liners. A new mechanical etching process during manufacturing exposes silicone particles embedded in the aluminum sleeves, which provide a hard piston-ring sealing surface.

The new valvetrain utilizes the first ever application of VTEC on the exhaust valves in our SOHC cam V-6. The new VTEC rocker arm assemblies offer twice the durability of the former design. The new rocker arms have roller tips further reduce operating friction. The new system switches to the highlift cams at 4900 RPM and increases that intake valve lift by 27.9% and the exhaust lift by 10%.
The revised SH-AWD system now begins vectoring power across the rear axle in first gear vs. only in second in the previous RLs. The planetary gearset that overdrives the outside rear wheel during a turn can now increase the wheel speed by 5.7% compared to 5% on earlier versions. I'll have a road test up as soon as we receive our first batch of cars, so stay tuned!
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