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2014 RLX Driving Impressions

Although I've been to my fair share of these events, it's always exciting to make a trip to the mainland for a new car introduction. Due to the place this car sits in our vehicle lineup, we understand that many might not think this is a significant new launch especially if they're not in the market for a car at this price point. In my opinion, the RLX is important even if you're in the market for a vehicle in this price range because many of the features should "trickle down" into our other cars in the future.

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The Krell Audio System is Outstanding

I just had some quality listening time in the new RLX with Krell and RLX with upgraded ELS to compare the two. Verdict? It is Krell by a huge margin!

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2014 RLX Trim and Color Information

Our first RLX demo unit is on the way and due any day now.  In the meantime, I've prepared a list of the RLX trim levels offered and below is a color matrix to see which trim levels are available in which color combinations.  You can view the matrix after the jump.

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2014 RLX Hands On Experience

We're just back from the dealer Ride and Drive but this post won't discuss any 'riding or driving'. Because the all-new RLX has not been tested by the automotive press, Acura has requested that we refrain from posting any driving impressions. We will have to wait until February 15 for that. So what follows are my impressions from seeing and "playing" with the car in person for the first time.  See a slideshow from the event after the jump.

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Acura News Episode 1

I consider this a work in progress, but with the Destination RLX event just around the corner, I wanted to post this now, and improve on this in the next episode.