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Bytemarks Lunch at the Pacific Aviation Museum



Our January Bytemarks Lunch was hosted at the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island.  Anne Murata and the great staff made us feel welcome and gave us a great tour of the control tower.  We were then given a guided tour of the rest of the main museum hanger with TONS of interesting stories. 




Sea Based X-Band Radar Tour

Occasionally moored in Pearl Harbor, the Sea Based X-Band Radar is easily visible from the H-1 and has quickly become a 'landmark' of sorts for local residents.  Thanks to Burt Lum and his amazing contacts at the Pacific Command, we were granted a tour of this enormous platform.  Originally built by a Norwegian company, the basic semi-submersible rig was modified by Boeing in Texas for duty with the US Ballistic Missile Defence System.  This is where the giant Phased Array Radar was mated to the platform in 2006. 

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JPAC Arrival Ceremony

The Joint POW / MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) invited us to attend an Arrival Ceremony on December 9th and it was such an honor to be included.  The ceremony welcomes home the remains of American service men, as yet unidentified, with full military honors.


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DV Embark to the USS John C. Stennis


DV in Navyspeak means "Distinguished Visitor" and frankly, I don't think I'm anyone that needs such a moniker.  However, it's what they call civilians who have the opportunity to visit an aircraft carrier at sea and since, for 24 hours, I was on the USS Stennis, I guess that's me. 

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