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Autocrossing the S2000

Wednesday, June 28. 2000

As I write this article, my car has just passed 9500 miles on the odometer and what fun they have been. It’s been several months since my last newsletter and we’ve had a number of autocrosses since then. I’m pleased to report that both the car and the driver are getting more used to each other. My results are more consistant, the times are quicker, and I feel like I’m getting more out of the car.

The racing has taken it’s toll on the Bridgestone S-02 tires that came with the car, last week we replaced all four with new RE-730s. The new tires are also made by Bridgestone, but they are a less expensive model, sort of the “little brother” to the S-02. On the road the feel about the same, but on the track, I can feel more flexing in the sidewalls. This results in slower steering response, and slightly less cornering power. All in all, I think it’s a fair trade off ...especially considering the price.

After each autocross (held on the second Sunday of the month) I write a review of how my weekend went. You’ll find these, and some action shots like the one to the right on my web page www.satoauto.com. From the home page, scroll down to the “what’s new” section and select the autocross you want to look over. You can also see some great pictures of the last NSX Club Meet we held, and the SCCA High Performance Driver Training event we had in February. So please stop by my site for a visit!


First Autocross

Wednesday, July 28. 1999

In my last newsletter I detailed our plans to hold our own High Performance Training Class, and we almost pulled it off! Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict it was cancelled at the last minute. To make up for giving us such short notice, the SCCA offered to let us participate in their regularly scheduled run-off free of charge. Of the 25 people originally scheduled for our driver training event, about 15 of us took them up on the offer to race in the Solo II event.
After three trips out to Barbers Point NAS to sample the fun racing between the cones it looks like I'll be doing it as often as my work schedule allows. Our feedback has been entirely positive, everyone had a great time!