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1993 Toyota MR-2 Turbo

Thursday, November 18. 1999

I had my '93 Toyota MR-2 Turbo since it was new, probably the last new '93 on the island. It's pretty obvious I'm hooked to the performance and and looks of a sports car, but I also liked the fact that there are very few out there! Total MR-2 U.S. sales for '93 was about 3800 units, and most were normally aspirated models. I recently started autocrossing our cars, check out the link above to see some pictures of our racing efforts. Although this car is now sold, I miss the "Red Car" and the looks it got.

The pictures I've got here were taken on a sunny day on a short drive around the leeward side of the island. I started high up overlooking Honolulu with Diamond Head Crater in the background. I took the H-1 freeway out towards Hanauma Bay and around the point towards the Blow Hole. It is another fun road to drive, with lot's of twists and turns, with the lava rock walls on one side and a sheer drop off into the ocean on the other!

Looking out over Sandy Beach, you'll see Rabbit Island and Black Island. These last few shots were taken at the Valley Of The Temples. It is actually a memorial park, but there are some very elegant Japanese temples at the back of the valley.
Hope you enjoyed my little trip around the island, for part two, I took the GS-R to the other side of the island.

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I love Mr2s. When I got my First pet Mouse Buck then that is when i sawc my first mr2 mk1 and ever since to me thay are housemouse bucks the roadster puts me in mind of arty the dart full of fun and mischeif.