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In Memory of Jerry Balcer


It is always difficult to lose a friend, and unfortunately, on Sunday June 1st, my friend Jerry lost his battle with heart disease and passed away from congestive heart failure. He was only 47.  I created a video as a tribute for Jerry, see it after the break.

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NSXCA Driver Training  

Sunday, July 23. 2000
NSXCA Driver Training

Jerry and I organized another NSXCA event for NSX and S2000 owners. This time the High Performance Driver Training was reserved for NSX and S2000 owners first. With cooperation from all the Honda dealers, we managed to send out 15 to 20 invitations to S2000 owners on Oahu. Our mailing list took care of the NSXs. When all was said and done, we had 4 NSXs with five drivers (one couple shared the car) and 6 S2000s with 7 drivers (Fran and I shared our car) plus one owner who came out but did not drive.
A complete listing of all the run times are posted here. The driver name is followed by the car they drove, followed by the four timed runs. Each run time column is followed buy a column showing the number of cones on the run. If this were a regular Autocross event and you received a DNF, you run time would not appear at all.

*If you see a time of 74 seconds followed by a 2, then the "raw" times was 70 seconds, but there was a 2 second penalty per cone, thus the 74 second time.

** In some cases an instructor took a timed run during the session, if this happened you'll see his name and the car he drove and the time for that individual run.
Frank brings his NSX throught the timing lights (below) John, at the start of the Emergency Lane Change maneuver. Look closely and you can see the flag man getting ready to signal the start (below)

Over the course of her four timed runs, Kristi would just nip Tom for fastest time in the Formula Red NSX by less than 3/10s of a second. (below)

Our four NSX participants gather for a "de-brief" after their turns on the Kidney Bean skidpad. This was more challenging than a regular skidpad because as the name implies, one side was a tighter turn than the other, and there was a kink in the middle. (below)

More S2000s on track...
Seven S2000 owners at the end of the day......


SCCA Z-Club Driver Training

Sunday, February 6. 2000
SCCA Z-Club Driver Training
The Z Club had a Autocross Driver Training event at our Barbers Point location on February 6th. It was really nice of them to let us tag along! Invitations went out to all our NSXCA members and friends and several took us up on the offer.
A newcomer to the islands, Sam brought his Black '91 out to sample the fun and did well. If you can drive the NSX without spinning you're doing well!

Fran took advantage of the day to get more familiar with her GS-R, but more important, she is getting better at giving me feedback on how the car is handling so I can adjust the tire pressures better.
Reid and their family brought their new 2000 Integra Type-R out and experienced first hand "cone killing" During the four timed runs, he
did well, driving four clean and error free runs.