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1988 Toyota MR-2 Supercharged

In '88 Toyota debuted the Supercharged version of the MR-2. This utilized a small blower to pump the 1.6 liter engine up to 145 hp and 145 lb. ft. of torque! The engine redlined at 7800 RPM and could sprint through the 1/4 mile in about 15.5 seconds. I kept this car for over 7 years (a personal record) and before I sold it, I had made several important modifications. I used an HKS Overdrive pully to speed up the supercharger, HKS Power Flow air filter and Exhaust to improve engine breathing. 15" Fittipaldi Indy wheels and Bridgestone RE-71 tires worked in concert with Eibach springs and KYB shocks to improve the handling of the car.

When all was said and done, the car was good for a best of 14.9 in the quarter mile and quite a bit more grip in the turns. I sure miss that car!