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A Deep Dive Into the CR-Z

Many people have been asking us about our new Honda CR-Z.  In light of the recent spike in fuel costs, and the events in Japan, I feel we were fortunate to purchase our car when we did.  What follows are my thoughts on the mechanicals of the car and a driving perspective.

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Life with the CR-Z: Two Months In

It's been about two months since we got our Honda CR-Z and I thought I would give you an update on how things are going.  Since we took delivery of the car on January 28 we've refueled the car five times with a lifetime fuel economy average of 39.9 MPG. 

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Our new baby! 2011 Honda CR-Z

Impressions after my first drive as an owner. Overall, the feeling is one of connectedness and directness in all the inputs except for the throttle. I drove mostly in ‘normal’ during the drive and the only thing I noticed is that the gas pedal had a slightly disconnected feel. I understand that the DBW computer is dampening minor throttle corrections, the TSX does this too. With the CR-Z it’s just more pronounced.

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