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Our new baby! 2011 Honda CR-Z

Impressions after my first drive as an owner. Overall, the feeling is one of connectedness and directness in all the inputs except for the throttle. I drove mostly in ‘normal’ during the drive and the only thing I noticed is that the gas pedal had a slightly disconnected feel. I understand that the DBW computer is dampening minor throttle corrections, the TSX does this too. With the CR-Z it’s just more pronounced. Sport mode seems more ‘normal’ to me in this regard.

As expected, visibility out the rear ¾ is the biggest issue. However, it’s no worse than an S2000 with the top up and arguably much better looking directly to your six. Out the front, the view is expansive and I like that the side mirrors have a gap between them and the body. It gives just a little better view out the front ¾.

The steering is beautiful! Its been a while since I drove MY S2000 and it took some time to get adjusted to the fast ratio again. I could sense that I was moving the car a little when shifting gears and reaching for the radio. The gearshift throw is a little longer than the S2000s, but shorter than the TSX. My wife felt it was a little notchy going into 3rd, but I felt it was fine.

Power was fine, in fact, I’ve been short shifting the TSX for better mileage and this felt almost the same in regular commuting mode. I’m sure that the power deficit would be more apparent if driven really hard. But in this mornings commute, which was surprisingly devoid of traffic, we were showing 47 mpg on the MID. You can see some pics in my gallery.  http://www.satoauto.com/our-cars/2011-honda-cr-z/

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Looks very nice. When did you get it? I wish you would drive my FIT. I still feel the shifting between D & D2, is mushy - can't feel any shifting of gears coming down the hill, except when I put it into D1 - then I feel the drag of the car slowing down.

February 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersalome

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